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Anti-aging care for combination skin

Anti-aging care for combination skin

What is combination skin?

With combination skin, two zones form on the face. The T-Zone (Forehead, nose, chin) is particularly greasy and tends to blemishes; the remaining facial skin is rather dry and can react irritably to care products. Then it is not so easy to find a cream to which both skin zones react well.

How do I recognize combination skin exactly?

The T-zone - i.e. forehead, nose, chin - tends to:

  • oily sheen
  • enlarged pores
  • Pimples
  • Blackheads

The skin on the cheeks, on the other hand, forms the sensitive opposite pole to the T zone. The skin tends to:

  • Dryness with a feeling of tension
  • redness
  • Dander
  • fine pores

Anti-aging care for combination skin

Facial cleansing for combination skin

Facial cleansing is the key to success with combination skin. The two different zones have to be cleaned in different ways. The greasier T-zone should be exfoliated once a week. Both zones should be cleaned with a pH-neutral cleansing milk before care. The sensitive zones should only be treated very lightly. If the skin is irritated by the cleansing milk, water is also sufficient for this zone. With the T-Zone you should clean a little more intensively, otherwise sebum and dander will not be removed effectively.

Anti-aging moisturizer for combination skin

No cleaning without subsequent maintenance. Once you have cleaned your face, cream care is a must. Otherwise the skin takes over this function and reacts with excessive sebum production. Moisturizing is very important for the skin, otherwise it will lose its elasticity and wrinkles will slowly form.

This is how you should proceed:
Lubricate the more sensitive areas with a little more moisturizer and the T-zone only very lightly. In this way, a balance between the two zones is restored over several weeks. Use this routine in the morning and in the evening. Cleaning and caring too often can attack the skin again. If you notice that the cheeks are irritated by the care, you can reduce the applications to just one session a day.

Anti-aging care for combination skin

Make-up tricks for combination skin

An ideal make-up for combination skin conceals small redness, pimples and blackheads. At the same time, it mattifies shiny skin areas and creates a flawless complexion.

It is best to choose one as a foundation for combination skin slightly tinted, oil-free and non-comedogenic day cream. It moisturizes dry skin and can regulate the production of sebum in the oily zone.

An oily primer would burden the oily zone of the combination skin with additional grease. This not only causes the T-Zone to have an increased sheen. Powder also tends to form lumps on very oily skin.

Ideally, to get shiny areas of skin under control, mattify your nose, forehead and chin with one Compact powder. Apply the powder sparingly in the T-Zone. A wafer-thin layer is sufficient as a finish.

Anti-aging care for combination skin