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Anti-aging trends 2020

Anti-aging trends 2020

What are the anti aging trends 2020?

We present you the most popular anti-aging trends 2020, which we are particularly looking forward to. In our top trends there is a trend for everyone that is worth following. Convince yourself!

Laser methods instead of botox

In 2020, one longs for a natural look above all. How does that go with beauty treatments? Under no circumstances should one recognize that something has been done. Tomorrow's patients are looking for an improvement in their own look, but not for a change. For example, according to experts, laser treatments rejuvenate the skin in a more natural way than wrinkle-reducing injections such as Botox. Laser treatments ensure that collagen formation is stimulated, they reduce pigmentation disorders, red veins and inflammation on the skin.

Anti-aging trends 2020

Treatment combinations

Sometimes you only achieve the desired goal with a combination of two treatments and can thus do without invasive methods. A popular combination are radio frequency treatments in conjunction with microneedling treatments for a rejuvenating effect. Hydrafacials, for example, have an even gentler effect on the facial skin for skin that is free of pores with an anti-aging treatment that relies on massage and firming products.

Great spa-ing

The spa has now become a wellness oasis for us, where we like to stay longer. That is why more and more facilities are also integrating beauty treatments into their spa. For example, you can spice up your wellness stay in the sauna 2020 with a massage and a chemical peeling.

Anti-aging trends 2020

Body treatments instead of liposuction

Liposuction has long since gone out of fashion. There are now methods that rid the body of excess fat in a non-invasive way. The EMSculpt ensures that muscles are built up. The Venus Legacy tightens the skin and strengthens the muscles. CoolSculpting, which aims to rid the body of stubborn fat, will be expanded in 2020 with the CoolTone. After the fat has been broken down, you can now use it to build muscles.

Including treatments

Inclusivity and diversity are the most important trends in fashion and beauty. Make-up and care products are now geared towards a wide variety of skin types. Now you can catch up with the right beauty treatments. For example, chemical peelings, collagen inductions and lasers 2020 are used with a focus on the patient's skin tone. Also, anti aging treatments like Byonik and Alift are set to grow in popularity. Since these devices don't work with heat, they are better for dark skin tones.

Anti-aging high performance cosmetics

As a counter-trend to cosmetic surgery, more and more cosmetics are coming onto the market which, thanks to their active ingredients and combinations of active ingredients, cleverly counteract visible signs of age. We are talking about high-performance products that produce a visible immediate effect, eg turbo tightening of the facial skin immediately after use. This is made possible by high molecular weight tightening molecules. Or self-adhesive eye pads that smuggle active ingredients with dissolving microneedles deep into the skin and thus create a visible lifting effect overnight. Further examples of innovative ingredients:

  • Tretinoin is brand new on the market for smart anti-aging ingredients. Its action against wrinkles, pimples and acne is said to be 20 times as strong as retinol, i.e. synthetically produced vitamin A acid, which is traded as the ultimate active ingredient. Tretinoin also clears and improves the complexion.
  • An alternative to retinol will also be bakuchiol from the seeds of the Indian Babchi plant and melatonin traded as new super active ingredients against wrinkles.

Anti-aging trends 2020