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How do I properly care for mature skin?

How do I properly care for mature skin?

What is the right care for mature skin?

Collagen and hyaluronic acid have been missing from the skin over the years, the mature skin needs fat and moisture. You can get them in the classic way with creams, masks or serums. A special night care for mature skin is also ideal, because it can be used to work on a few wrinkles during sleep. Facial wrinkles are particularly pronounced around the thin skin on the eyes, so you should also pay attention to good eye care for mature skin, otherwise the eyes can be irritated by creeping greases of rich anti-aging creams

Which ingredient can particularly help in care?

Retinol is traded as one of the most effective active ingredients, because it is the most proven anti-aging active ingredient in studies. Retinol is the pure form of vitamin A that plays an important role in skin cell growth. UV radiation and the general aging process deprive the skin of this vitamin, it loses its elasticity, becomes thinner and wrinkles. Retinol can stimulate connective tissue and help cells produce collagen. However, retinol is not entirely safe. Sensitive skin can flake and redden, so you should start with a low concentration and not apply cream every day.
Mature skin facial care

How do I properly clean mature skin?

Targeted care for mature skin begins with proper cleansing. This should be done daily and is used to clean the skin of dirt particles, sweat or residues of makeup. You should not use any agents that irritate mature skin! The natural protective acid mantle of the skin should not be damaged - you should use pH skin-neutral care.

After each cleaning, the mature skin needs to be given additional care, for example with a cream. The goal is to provide the skin with sufficient moisture to prevent further drying out. Because this contributes to a neat look and prevents the formation of wrinkles. It also supports the protective function of the skin.

Mature skin facial care

Anti wrinkle capsules for mature skin?

Some of the additives in creams and other skin care products for external use have the disadvantage that they cannot penetrate into deeper skin layers - their molecules are too large for this. In order to care for the skin from the inside and supply it with important substances, capsules, powders or other oral preparations are available as a supplement to creams. In addition to vitamins, they often contain collagen or hyaluronic acid. The substances reach the deeper layers of the skin via the bloodstream and are said to result in the skin being able to store moisture better and appearing plumper and fresher overall. The first wrinkles should also be reduced in this way. Such oral preparations usually have to be used for a few weeks in order to improve the complexion.