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What is hyper pigmentation?

There are light-induced pigment spots, age spots and freckles. We refer to all of these forms as pigment spots or hyperpigmentation, and they all refer to pigment disorders. These are usually harmless, but they should still be checked regularly by a dermatologist! It is also not always possible to tell whether it is actually a brown pigment spot or a birthmark. This is also a matter for the dermatologist. Incidentally, birthmarks cannot be treated with bleaching creams.


What are the causes of pigment spots?

  • Inflammation such as psoriasis and acne
  • Hormones such as birth control pills, pregnancy and menopause
  • Medicines such as antibiotics and St. John's wort
  • The main culprits are UV rays

Melanin forms in response to UV rays. The melanocytes produce the dark skin pigment that makes us brown. This tan serves as protection against further damage. If everything goes normally in the melanocytes, our tan is even. In the event of a malfunction, isolated (permanent) pigment spots.

The areas most affected are skin areas that are frequently exposed to UV radiation for years without protection: face, neck, décolleté and hands, especially the back of the hand.

What lightens pigment spots again?

If you want to lighten pigment spots and refine the skin tone, it is best to use a long-term combination of different methods. Consistently used sun protection is a must anyway and prevents, whitening creams and dermatological treatments repair existing damage, at least visually.

Supercream Rouge

1. How to get rid of the pigment spots ...

Pigmented creams can reduce pigment spots by having a lightening effect. The Pigment cream by Medicorp in conjunction with the Supercream Rouge is perfect for moles, age spots, freckles and other brown spots. The creams give the skin a special freshness thanks to the natural active ingredient of lemon peel extract. The stains are reduced and even fade completely with regular use. The first successes will be visible after about 2-3 weeks.

2. Fruit acid peels

Fruit acid peelings are a gentle variant of chemical peeling, as they only peel off the top layer of horny cells of the skin and in this way actively stimulate the renewal of the skin. The complexion appears treatment for treatment more even and smoother, pigment spots or irregularities in skin tone are evened out. The alpha hydroxy (AHA) or glycolic acid peeling solutions can cause irritation such as a slight burning sensation, itching and redness, which however quickly subside.

3. Microneedling

The skin structure is superficially damaged and opened by means of microfine needle sticks. In the course of the skin's natural regeneration process, the destroyed cells are shed and replaced by new ones. The cells discolored by an increased melanin concentration are also removed in this way, so that the pigment spot appears lighter and the skin appears more harmonious. In addition, treatments with a lightening effect can now penetrate the skin particularly well and deeply.

4. Fractional laser treatments

The regular irradiation of the skin with fractional laser light is considered a proven and reliable method to lighten pigment and age spots. The discolored skin cells are systematically destroyed and broken up into the smallest pigment particles so that they can be flushed out naturally by the lymphatic system. The complexion appears much more even and even.