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Anti-aging hair care

Anti-aging hair care

How does hair change with age?

The older we get, the more we should pay attention to daily hair care. With age, hair loses its shine, elasticity and stability as the blood flow to the scalp and the hair roots slows down. This reduces the supply of nutrients. The hormonal fluctuations during the menopause also affect the hair. As a result, the mane tends to grow slower and become thinner, drier and more brittle.
We'll tell you which hair boosters you can use to keep your hair voluminous, shiny and powerful for as long as possible!


Anti-aging for hair: 3 effective methods

1. LED light for fuller hair

LED tools specially developed for hair and scalp, such as LED masks or helmets for the head as well as electrically operated LED brushes or combs, irradiate the hair roots with a soft laser light, which effectively improves the blood circulation of the scalp and the supply of nutrients to the hair roots and stimulates the development of hair follicles. With regular use, this method can not only promote hair growth (and at the same time inhibit hair loss), but also ensure stronger, more vital hair structures and fuller hair. Hair care products used at the same time can be absorbed better and develop their effectiveness optimally.


2. Vitalizing and protective hair care textures

Special shampoos, conditioners, scalp serums and hair masks based on highly effective ingredients - antioxidants from berries and citrus fruits, caffeine or essential oils and medicinal herbal extracts are considered to be tried and tested - improve the circulation of the scalp, relieve irritation, and effectively prevent increased sebum production and dandruff ensure healthier, stronger hair full of suppleness and shine.

In addition to the daily care products, experts recommend intensive cures that regenerate hair and scalp, as well as consistent heat and UV protection to protect against oxidative stress, UV damage as well as heat and styling damage - all those factors that Drying out hair, causing hair breakage and split ends, fading the color and instantly making the hair look older.

Anti-aging hair care

3. Anti-aging from the inside with the right nutrients

Hormone fluctuations, stress and nutritional errors not only affect the mind, but also the beauty of the hair. The consequences can then range from a dull and pale hair color, brittle and fragile lengths and ends to increased hair loss. In addition to the right care from the outside, the nutrient supply from the inside is essential for healthy, vital hair. The vitamins B3, B5 and B6 as well as biotin and folic acid are of central importance, because they activate and regulate the cell metabolism between the scalp and hair roots, strengthen the hair from the inside and ensure a smooth, supple cuticle of the hair. The trace element zinc supports the production of keratin and collagen, and sufficient amino acids and iron should be taken in through the diet.


Food for beautiful hair

Valuable hair vitamins are provided by meat and fish (especially salmon and mackerel), whole grain cereals, germs and nuts, green (leaf) vegetables, cabbage, legumes, avocado and bananas. Zinc can also be easily absorbed through hard cheese, oatmeal, pumpkin seeds and seafood (especially oysters). In case of doubt, special dietary supplements help, sometimes as an intensive treatment.

Anti-aging hair care

What helps with hair loss and thinning hair?

In the case of hair loss, hair growth can be strengthened and improved with a serum. The Medicorp Anagen Max Hair Serum is highly effective at Hair loss and thinning hair.

It cares for the hair highly concentrated and valuable nutrients and noticeably improves the consistency of the hair, the hair renewal for fuller, thicker and faster growing hair. The hair quality also benefits from The size and shape of the hair, shine and smoothness. The hair serum has one anti-inflammatory Effect and reduces dandruff.

In order to achieve the best result, it is recommended to supplement the Medicorp Anagen Max hair tincture to be used after shampooing.

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