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Anti-aging care for blemished skin

Anti-aging care for blemished skin

What is blemished skin?

Blemished skin tends to be greased more easily. The sebaceous glands produce increased or excessive fat, which leads to blockages in the ducts, where the hair follicles are also located. The skin cells horny, together with sebum and bacteria a graft forms - the pimple. Impurities appear in the form of painful bumps under the skin surface (closed comedones) or as blackheads (open comedones).

Anti-aging care for blemished skin

How do I properly care for blemished skin?

Since impurities mostly arise from oily skin, facial care should never moisturizing substances contain. This is the only way a cream can balance this skin condition. Conversely, the skin would react to extremely drying care mostly with strong sebum production. Establishing the lack of balance in the skin is the task of facial care for blemished skin. Facial cleansing is particularly important in order to free the skin pores from sebum and calluses.

What ingredients should anti-aging care for blemished skin have?

Anti aging ingredients for normal skin are much richer than for blemished skin. They add fats and waxes to the skin, contain oils that have a smoothing effect and prevent the first signs of wrinkles caused by dryness. This criterion of adding fats to the skin does not apply to anti-aging care for blemished skin. Since the main ingredients in an anti aging cream are more concentrated than in a face cream, skin-specific care is a must if you want to achieve the best possible effect. non-greasy anti aging ingredients are hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, vitamins (C, A, E), panthenol, ginseng and matrikine (peptides).

Anti-aging care for blemished skin

Anti aging routine for blemished skin:

Facial cleansing for blemished skin

For the blemished skin a gel or foam for facial cleansing is recommended. Both are fat free and contain soaps; the foam is for sensitive skin very well tolerated, the gel cools and refreshes especially. A tonic with or without alcohol, depending on the skin's needs, additionally helps with antibacterial substances to clean the pores and to reduce re-colonization. A cleansing milk contains oil and is best used on combination skin on the dry areas.

Care with an anti aging cream or serum

How an anti aging cream can compensate for impure skin: An anti aging cream, unless it is specially designed and labeled for impure skin, contains too many oils and fats. For this reason, facial care for blemished skin is made on a water basis and thus still has moisturizing and preserving properties. Using a moisturizer Hyaluronic acid  acts here as anti-aging care against impure skin without being over-greasy. A hyaluronic serum for blemished skin, applied after cleansing, is free of grease and oil and an excellent remedy for blemish-preventing wrinkles.

Anti-aging cream for blemished skin

Watch the complexion and adjust the care

Impure skin knows many facets. Depending on age, predisposition and other factors (climate, season, diet, hormone balance), it can be extremely greasy or a combination skin that is only partially greasy. Therefore, you should constantly monitor your skin condition and the care routine Skin need adjust: You notice when a feeling of tension arises that your skin becomes drier. Or, in some cases, it is more greasy, then it needs facial care tailored to the respective zone.

Our most popular anti-aging skin care products

The Aloe Vera Gel from Medicorp is ideal for the care of blemished skin because it contains no fats. The gel is completely natural and consists of 99% pure aloe vera. It ensures that a lot of moisture is stored in the skin, which is how it works smoother and more vital. Aloe Vera also works very anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. The subsequent care can penetrate the skin better.

As supplementary day and night care, we particularly recommend that Supercreme Blue from Medicorp. You rregulates your fat and moisture processes and activates their moisture-storing properties. She grooms on the one hand dry, sensitive and normal skin, on the other hand, it combines harmoniously with your own skin tone and ensures an even complexion. The light face cream contains highly concentrated hyaluronic acid and Acmella oleracea.

And here you will find other popular ones Day and night care creams: