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Anti-aging care from a young age?

Anti-aging care from a young age?

When does skin aging begin?

Skin aging begins at the age of 25. Cell activity decreases at this age, the renewal of skin cells slows down. The skin loses its elasticity and fine lines first form, which later become wrinkles.

Skin aging is mainly determined by three factors: our genes, external components such as environmental influences and the individual lifestyle.With a healthy lifestyle and daily UV protection, the aging process of the skin can be effectively slowed down.

When are anti-aging products suitable?

As with normal skin care, anti-aging products should be tailored to the skin type and age. The skin of 20-year-olds needs a different care because of its firmer structure. The ingredients should be designed to moisturize and support the natural regeneration of the skin - for example with an antioxidant effect. It is also important to use a day cream with a sunscreen factor to prevent light-induced skin aging.

What should be considered with anti-aging products?

The first wrinkles are particularly evident around the eye area. Because the skin is very fine at this point, care should be started particularly early. Anti-aging products with moisture-binding ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or urea are suitable for this. From 30 years of age, wrinkles are often more clearly visible and the creams should also be richer in order to provide even better moisture. Many anti-aging products have been developed especially for skin from the age of 35 and should not be used beforehand so that younger skin is not unnecessarily weighed down.

Anti-aging for young skin

Hyaluronic acid in anti-aging creams

Hyaluronic acid is said to fight skin aging. It occurs naturally in the human body and is an important component of various tissues, such as the skin and connective tissue. The fabric ensures soft and smooth skin because it can bind water well.

With increasing age, the body produces significantly less hyaluronic acid. Therefore the skin loses elasticity and wrinkles. To counteract this process, hyaluronic acid is used as an anti-aging ingredient in products such as eye, skin and face creams and nourishing masks. It is able to bind water in the top cell layer of the skin. Visible signs of aging can be reduced. 

Anti-aging for young skin

Q10 in anti-aging creams

Many creams also adorn themselves with this name: Coenzyme Q10. In the list of ingredients in cosmetics, it can usually be found under the name Ubiquinone. Q10 is one of the most important anti-wrinkle ingredients in cosmetics. It is essential for the human body because the substance acts as a central component of the energy metabolism in the cells. It is also an antioxidant.

The coenzyme helps scavenge free radicals and thus helps prevent possible cell damage. In other words: if it is missing, the skin ages and wrinkles appear. This becomes visible with increasing age, when the coenzyme Q10 content in the skin cells naturally decreases. The active ingredient is therefore used as an anti-aging ingredient in products such as eye creams, skin and face creams and nourishing masks.

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The Supercreme Blue from Medicorp has helped many dry, sensitive and normal skin types. It is an alternative to that Serum Pure from Medicorp, she is a light Day care, which can also be used as night care. This anti-aging cream rregulates your fat and moisture processes and activates their moisture-storing properties. The light face cream contains highly concentrated hyaluronic acid  and Acmella oleracea.

For younger skin this is also Medicorp collagen cream very popular it also contains highly concentrated hyaluronic acid  and Acmella oleracea. And provides your skin with a lot of moisture.

If you also value a cell generation, you should also use the Medicorp Hyaluron Balsam Gel with Aloe Vera to grab. Because Aloe vera favors the Cell regeneration and promotes wound healing.

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Anti-aging for young skin

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