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Anti-aging overnight?

Anti-aging overnight?

How do anti-aging creams work?

Anti-aging creams work counteracts natural skin aging. The skin is plumped up from the inside by coordinated active ingredients and reserves that are lost with age or can no longer be replenished by themselves are restored. Natural skin aging begins from the age of 25. Cell renewal slows down and the skin stores less moisture. Accordingly, it becomes thinner, drier and the first wrinkles appear. These can be laugh lines, wrinkles around the eyes or wrinkles on the forehead that draw the character of every person. Wrinkles don't have to mean something bad. But there is a way to prevent it, and that is with antiaging creams.

High-quality anti-aging creams counteract natural skin aging on several levels. They supply the skin with moisture, replenish empty reserves and protect the skin from harmful UV radiation. 

Anti-aging tips for everyday life

Antiaging creams will help you delay the natural aging process and the wrinkles that come with it. In addition, you can increase this positive effect with a healthy lifestyle. Important for this, for example:

  • Drinking water prevents you from dehydrating, drying your skin and making it easier for wrinkles to appear.
  • Foods such as kale and avocados are rich in antioxidants, they make skin-damaging free radicals harmless.
  • Sufficient movement ensures good blood circulation.
  • Sufficient sleep allows your skin cells to regenerate at night.

Anti-aging night care

What ingredients are in anti-aging creams?

Good anti-aging creams contain highly concentrated vitamins, plant extracts and nutrients. They are the reason for more freshness in the skin. The selection of highly efficient anti-aging creams is huge and, thanks to constant new developments and tests, the effect is more effective than ever.

What should you look for in anti-aging creams?

Every skin type is different - and every skin reacts individually to certain products and face creams. While hyaluronic acid is suitable for almost everyone, people with very sensitive skin should approach retinol a little more carefully and rather rely on moisture. Also, not all people tolerate parabens or fragrances that are present in some creams. Therefore, like to look at the ingredients beforehand and choose natural products.

Anti-aging night care

Hyaluronic acid as anti-aging night care

Hyaluronic acid is an important part of the connective tissue because it can bind a large amount of water. If the body has enough hyaluronic acid, the skin is also firm and beautiful. Because the water combinations provide a plump look under the skin. Similar to collagen, the amount of hyaluronic acid decreases with age - and should be supplied to the body against aging in the form of hyaluronic acid creams, serums or foods. It is practically overnight Collagen cream by Medicorp the said hyaluronic acid household. you nourishes the skin with hyaluronic acid and Acmella oleracea. The natural active ingredient, the tropical plant Acmella Oleracea, makes the facial features appear softer and more harmonious and even reduces deep wrinkles 

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Anti-aging night cream

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