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Wrinkles under the eyes - what helps?

Wrinkles under the eyes - what helps?

How do eye wrinkles develop?

As with wrinkles in other facial regions, several factors play a role in the development of eye wrinkles. They mainly come from the fact that when you laugh, blink and pinch your muscles and the skin above them contract. Since the skin around the eyes is much thinner than in the rest of the face, the first permanent wrinkles become visible in the area around the eyes. In addition, the elasticity of the skin decreases with age and less moisture is produced - the skin becomes brittle and drier. Of course, genetics and face shape also play a role. Some people do not contract their eyes when laughing as much as others. 

Eye wrinkles

How can eye wrinkles be reduced?

  • laser treatment
    For the treatment of eye wrinkles by laser, micro-lasers are mostly used, the light of which reaches the lower layers of the skin. This stimulates the structure of the skin to form new collagen and elastin and alleviates signs of aging of the skin.

  • Dermal filler
    The skin filling is an effective way to replace lost volume of the skin due to aging. The padding also removes the wrinkles on the surface of the skin. Most methods last up to a year. It is advantageous that they make the wrinkles disappear immediately.

  • Botox
    Another option is botox injection. This has the additional effect of preventing the formation and deepening of expression lines by relaxing the small muscles in the treated skin area. The effect lasts up to a year.

  • Dermabrasion and microdermabrasion
    The uppermost layers of skin affected by wrinkles are removed with very fine brushes. This process causes microfine injuries to the skin, which is then replaced by the healing process with new, non-wrinkled skin.

Eye creams for wrinkles

The use of special cosmetics for wrinkle reduction on the eye is suitable for different types of wrinkles with different causes. There are creams that reduce eye wrinkles or make them less visible. Some of them have a tissue-strengthening effect or prevent aging processes; others add moisture to the skin, or they tighten or "lift" the skin. Basically, eye creams with UV filters are recommended, because every skin type is prone to wrinkles from excessive sun exposure.

Eye wrinkles

Why should you use a special eye cream?

The skin around the sensitive eye area needs a lot of moisture. Whenever the eye area is not adequately hydrated, small wrinkles form quickly under the eyes. These initially recede as soon as the moisture balance of the corresponding skin region is balanced again. However, the more often the lack of moisture recurs or the longer it persists, the more permanently the wrinkles due to dryness dig into the skin. This is one reason why people with dry skin tend to wrinkle earlier and more than people with oily skin. However, the eye area is rather too dry for almost all skin types. Therefore, a special eye cream is always recommended, since the usual face care products - especially if they are designed for oily or combination skin - do not contain enough care substances for the area around the eyes.

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