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Exceptional beauty treatments 2020

Exceptional beauty treatments 2020

Do you need a beauty treatment?

Have you ever wondered how important facial treatments are for your skin? This question is not that easy to answer, so let's start with the basics: your skin generally needs sun protection, moisture, facial cleansing and regular peels. If you also want to do something good for her, repairing ingredients such as antioxidants and peptides can counteract premature skin aging. And then there are treatments that I would like to call add-ons. These are the things that are fun, such as masks, facial massages etc. It is not easy to estimate which category of facial treatments fall into.

What types of beauty treatments are there?

The range of facials offered by beauty salons and beauty clinics is relatively large. Everyone calls their facials different, and there are different price ranges. It is not easy to keep an overview. We now present the most popular beauty treatments:


The (almost) pain-free treatment ensures a radiant complexion in no time at all. The result only lasts for about a week (the period increases with regular use) - but with the Hydrafacial the Hollywood Glow can be "conjured up" at short notice without great effort. And with regular use, not only does the skin structure improve - the pores become finer, the skin is better supplied with moisture and pigment disorders are reduced.
Tip: instantly wakes up tired winter skin! 

Expiration: And what exactly is this effective treatment? The upper layers of the skin are first removed by a mechanical peel, then by an acid peel, in order to increase the absorption of the following active ingredients. In the next step, high-dose hyaluronic acid, peptides and antioxidants are introduced into the skin at high pressure. This is what makes the result so special: The penetration of the active ingredients, the collagen synthesis and the blood circulation are finally increased by treatment with LED light.


exceptional beauty treatments



Hurt the skin first, then make it glow? Sounds strange, but it is a proven method in the cosmetics industry. In so-called microneedling, a pen or roller covered with microfine needles glides over the face. This causes minimal skin injuries. The body responds to this with its own repair mechanism and produces collagen and elastin - both promote the elasticity of the skin.

Expiration: After carefully cleaning the skin, an anesthetic ointment is applied. After a short exposure time, a highly concentrated cream with active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid follows. Now the needling pen or roller is run over the skin, the previously applied anti-aging ingredients can penetrate particularly deep into the skin. After the actual treatment, the skin is cared for with a soothing ointment. Redness and slight swelling disappear after a few hours.


Microdermabrasion not only fights large-pored skin, but also pigment disorders, blemishes and wrinkles. The finest microcrystals remove dead cells from the top layer of skin and stimulate the formation of new cells at the same time.

Expiration: Once the skin has been thoroughly cleaned, the actual treatment begins. The beautician runs a handheld device over the skin, which uses a vacuum compressed air system to convey the crystals to the skin and remove them together with the removed skin cells. Then a nourishing cream with a particularly high sun protection factor is applied. 

exceptional beauty treatments

Vampire lifting

With vampire or Dracula lifting, the skin is injected with the body's own blood plasma. Plasma acts here as a natural filler that makes the skin appear plump. At the same time, the injection stimulates skin regeneration and collagen production.

Expiration: First of all, a blood sample is taken. The blood is then processed in such a way that only the blood plasma remains. In many cases, the plasma is additionally mixed with the anti-aging booster hyaluron and then injected into the skin. According to experience reports, the skin feels firmer immediately after the vampire lifting. The final results can only be seen after three to six months.

Which hyaluronic serum should I use for beauty treatments?

For treatments such as microneedling or microdermabrasion, high-quality and highly concentrated hyaluron should be used. The Serum Pure from Medicorp is a high quality, natural hyaluronic acid moisture booster. It ensures that a lot of moisture is stored in the skin, so it works smoother and more vital. The hyaluronic acid serum is also ideal for Microneedling Treatments. The Serum Pure contains highly concentrated hyaluronic acid  and Acmella oleracea. The Serum Pure becomes itself in cosmetic studios, pharmacies and medical practices for Treatment deeper Expression lines are used and is called exclusive hyaluronic booster famous.

Here is our popular one Medicorp Serum Pure:

And here you will find more high quality hyaluronic boosters: