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The right facial care for mature skin over 50

The right facial care for mature skin over 50

How does the skin change from the age of 50?

Our skin has already reached its zenith from the age of 25 - 30. At around 50 years of age, the complexion changes dramatically and at the latest now we have to do something about it with active skin care. Because the skin is now losing elasticity and elasticity. The phases of regeneration are taking longer and longer. The cell metabolism now no longer works smoothly and it has to be given a lot of help with increased care for skin over 50.

What is special about a face cream from 50?

Care for mature skin aged 50 and over should always be a little more extensive, regardless of whether day cream, night cream or moisturizer, than for earlier stages of life. The skin needs more moisture with older age and this is perfectly normal.
With good facial care for people aged 50 and over, it is not a problem to give the skin the moisture it needs. But regeneration and stimulating the blood circulation are also decisive factors for a beautiful, smoother and well-groomed face - because it doesn't help if your skin is wrinkle-free but looks pale or is inflamed. If you have deeper wrinkles, hyaluronic acid, collagen or peptides are helpful.


Face care from 50

What ingredients should the face cream have from 50?

A face cream from 50 should definitely have rich and filling properties. It is really not necessary to have wrinkles treated with a scalpel.
However, care for the skin over 50 should definitely show some care substances.
These are:

  • Hyaluron or collagen or Q10 as a wrinkle filler
  • At least one vitamin. Best vitamins A or Vitamin E as an antioxidant
  • Botanical oils for the richness of care
  • Plant extracts to vitalize the skin and reduce pores
  • Aloe vera or Soothing and regenerating panthenol and skin.
  • Age spots and UV spots should contain active ingredients that make the skin appear more even again

Can menopause cause skin problems?

The climacteric of women, which is popularly called menopause, causes massive hormonal changes in the woman's body. The skin quickly feels deficiency symptoms because it can become brittle, wrinkled and very dry. Even women who used to be more of a combination skin type are now suddenly prone to a dry complexion. Therefore, the woman from 50 definitely intensifies her entire skin care. A face care from 50, which contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, Q10 and many other anti-aging ingredients, can help.

Face care from 50

Find the right face care for 50+

In our product category Day and night care we have a range of products that are suitable for skin from 50+ and especially for dry skin types. Medicorp's special antifaltic is one rich Day care, which can also be used as night care. This anti-aging cream regulates their fat and moisture processes and contains viel Q10 and vitamin E.. She is also great for dry skin recommended because the Q10 cream is a very fatty cream.
It is also ideal for mature skin Medicorp Super Cream Plus. This anti-aging cream provides your skin with Moisturizer and combines harmoniously with your own skin tone and ensures an even complexion. The rich face cream contains highly concentrated hyaluronic acid.

Here is our popular one Medicorp special anti-wrinkle:

And here you can find more Skin care products from 50: