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Proper care for crow's feet

Proper care for crow's feet

What are crow's feet?

Crow's feet are the small wrinkles on the outer corner of the eye. Laughing lines that form next to the eyelid when you squint your eyes and when you laugh are the preliminary stages of crow's feet. If they are visible and permanently present even with a relaxed facial expression, one speaks of crow's feet. In their shape they are reminiscent of the bird's foot, hence the name.

Origin and causes of crow's feet

The naturally very thin skin around the eyes loses moisture and elasticity with age, and loses its elasticity, so to speak. In addition, there is the constant stress on the skin from laughing, blinking or squinting together with environmental influences such as exhaust fumes, heat or cold. The initially very fine laugh lines around the eyes can turn into deep crow's feet. The skin of smokers and sun worshipers in particular suffers from this type of wrinkle formation. In general, an unhealthy lifestyle with a lot of stress, lack of sleep, little exercise in the fresh air and a one-sided diet means that the signs of the times are noticeable on our skin earlier. The best anti-aging method against crow's feet is therefore effective prevention - in combination with a healthy diet and the right skin care.

Proper care for crow's feet

Tips against crow's feet

Drink plenty of water

Nobody wants to hear it, but it actually helps - drink plenty of water. All cells in the body cannot survive without water. The vital organs are first supplied with the daily amount of water, only then do skin cells and other secondary organs get their share. It is all the more important that we provide our body with enough liquid fuel. We recommend at least two, better three liters of water, mineral water and unsweetened teas per day. Then skin and hair get their necessary portion to look radiant and toned for a long time.

Right nutrition

With the right diet and a healthy lifestyle, the appearance of wrinkles can be effectively delayed. Those who do without nicotine, alcohol and excessive sunbathing are doing their skin a big favor. The magic word in the fight against wrinkles and other traces of skin aging is: antioxidants. They catch free radicals and thus protect against skin aging. These are particularly found in purple foods such as dark berries (blackberries, blueberries or elderberries), beetroot or eggplant. But spinach, peppers and broccoli are also considered real anti-aging foods.

Home remedies for crow's feet

Avocado, quark or cucumber slice masks are very easy to make yourself and effective against wrinkles. Avocado puree and almond oil massages are said to help moisturize the thin skin around the eyes. Simply massage in gently and leave on for 15-20 minutes and then remove the remains with a cotton pad.

Proper care for crow's feet

Skin care with hyaluronic acid

Moisture is the main weapon in the fight against wrinkles. Glycerin, urea or aloe vera transport a lot of moisture into the tissue.
Regular use of sunscreen also helps. Ideally, a day care product with a sun protection factor should be used, because UV radiation accelerates skin aging and thus wrinkle formation - even in winter and when it is covered.

Gentle care for the eye area

Medicorp Sensitive Eye Cream is the best eye care for sensitive and dry skin. The moisturizing, smoothing preparation is the perfect solution for every complexion ideal addition to day care. It is Medicorp's best eye cream for dark circles.
This product from the pharmacy, is perfect for wrinkles and is as ours strongest anti-aging eye cream known. Wrinkles are visibly reduced in just a short time and you have one Anti-wrinkle instant effect.
The sensitive eye cream contains rose flower water to soothe the skin and shea butter to supply lipids. In addition, honey & Argan oil, moisturizing and smoothing the skin.
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