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The right care for sensitive skin

The right care for sensitive skin

What is sensitive skin exactly?

 Sensitive skin describes a skin type that is strongly affected by:

  • environmental influences
  • Air conditioned rooms
  • unhealthy eating, stress
  • Cosmetics and care products

reacts and then tends to hypersensitivity.

In addition, the sensitive skin has a lower tolerance to psychological stress and stress.

What are symptoms of sensitive skin?

Visible symptoms include reddening of the skin, which occurs either locally or on the entire face or neck or body. With extremely dry skin, eczema or sometimes even dandruff occurs.

If the skin is additionally oily, the sebum production increases and inflammation occurs. Symptoms include abnormal sensations such as severe itching or burning and stinging.

Anti-aging sensitive skin

Which anti-aging care is good for sensitive facial skin?

When caring for sensitive mature skin, it is primarily important that the products are gentle on the skin, provide plenty of moisture and at the same time can develop an anti-aging effect. Care should be aimed at strengthening the skin's self-protection and tightening the skin. You will achieve the best results if you consistently care for your skin with carefully coordinated products.

Anti-aging care - what ingredients for sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is often delicate, thin and dry and therefore tends to wrinkle faster than normal or oily skin type. Moisture binders help the skin to optimize the water balance, which is why anti-aging care creams contain substances such as glycerin, algae extract, hyaluronic acid, urea, lactic acid and panthenol. Plant estrogens such as soy, green tea or ginseng are also found in many products, as are minerals such as zinc, copper and magnesium. They all tolerate sensitive skin.

What does the anti-aging routine look like for sensitive skin?

Step 1: : Use a mild, but at the same time extensive cleaning. It does not dry out the skin and keeps the protective acid mantle intact.

Step 2: : Moisturize your skin. This way the day or night cream can be better absorbed and the effect can be enhanced.

Step 3: : Apply an anti-aging cream for day or night. Ideally, it contains active ingredients that gently moisturize, tighten and smooth the skin. Protection of the skin is in the foreground during the day, intensive regeneration at night.

Anti-aging sensitive skin

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