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Wrinkle cream with immediate effect

Wrinkle cream with immediate effect

Creams with immediate effect

As a rule, wrinkle creams with an immediate effect supply the skin with a lot of moisture when applied, so that small dryness lines can be felt and visibly plumped. However, there are also anti-wrinkle creams that contain the neurotoxin botox: Botox disrupts communication between nerve fibers and muscles. The muscle no longer contracts, but remains permanently relaxed, so that wrinkles are no longer possible. Existing wrinkles should also be reduced in this way.

However, even a Botox cream is powerless for deep expression lines: In this case, only a wrinkle injection helps, not only with Botox, but also, for example Hyaluronic acid or collagen can be done. As mentioned at the beginning, most anti-wrinkle creams with an immediate effect are moisturizers that are quickly absorbed into the skin and can thus smooth the complexion within a few minutes. Unfortunately, this only works for small wrinkles that have arisen due to a lack of moisture. In addition, the effect usually only lasts a few hours. Common hydrators that are used in creams with immediate effects are, for example, hyaluronic acid, glycerine or urea.

The alternative to lifting cream with immediate effect

If you want to reduce small wrinkles quickly and effectively, you don't necessarily have to resort to lifting cream. Instead, you will almost always make the better choice with a high-quality anti aging cream. A good product is able to reduce wrinkles caused by dryness and provide optimal long-term care for the skin. If you have the Anti aging cream Consistently use as an alternative to wrinkle cream with immediate effect, you will not only achieve short-term success, but also benefit permanently from a smooth, fresh complexion. Make sure that the cream fits your individual skin type and has high-quality ingredients. This can be hyaluronic acid, for example - an endogenous substance that binds large amounts of water and is therefore able to plump up wrinkles. Glycerine and urea have also proven themselves and are therefore to be found in more and more antiaging creams. However, you will only achieve optimal results if the active ingredient is present in high concentration.

The right skin care as a basis

The best and easiest way, in addition to a wrinkle cream with an immediate effect, to achieve a beautiful complexion over the long term is optimized skin care. All products should be tailored to the needs of your skin - depending on whether it is rather dry, oily, impure or sensitive, for example. It is best to cleanse your skin twice a day with a gentle, pH-neutral washing lotion, with a cleansing foam or cleansing gel. In this way, you remove excess sebum, dead skin and dirt particles and ensure that your skin can breathe again. Then applied Care products can also move in particularly well.

Recommended cream with immediate effect

The Super Cream Rouge by Medicorp, is not just a facial care for many skin types that strengthens, harmonizes and protects your skin from dryness. she is a Anti-aging day and night care with very high quality ingredients.   ensures a long-lasting immediate effect, regulates their fat and moisture processes and contains the world's most powerful and natural antioxidant "astaxanthin". Astaxanthin is 60 times stronger than vitamin C and 500 times stronger than vitamin E.

It blends harmoniously with your own skin tone and ensures long-lasting moisture. It also contains highly concentrated hyaluronic acid  and Acmella oleracea. The natural active ingredient, the tropical plant Acmella Oleracea, makes facial features appear softer and more harmonious even reduces deep wrinkles on the face.

Wrinkle cream with immediate effect

Correct application of the super cream blush

The optimal anti-aging effect with our Supercream Rougewhen you get our Serum Apply directly to clean skin beforehand. This contains high quality hyaluronic acid, which is extremely important for the skin. We also recommend a suitable one Eye cream to use.

Recommended application:

1. Das Medicorp Serum Pure apply to clean skin.

2. The Medicorp Super Cream Rouge Apply and massage a few seconds later

(We recommend this application twice a day)