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Large pores: these tips and creams help!

Large pores: these tips and creams help!

How do large pores develop?

Where do large pores on the face or large pores on the legs come from? If you are unsatisfied with your skin, you have probably often asked yourself what helps against large pores.

But what are the causes of large pores? Excessive sebum production enlarges the pores on the face because there is an accumulation of calloused skin cells at the entrance to the pore. The sebum cannot drain off and large pores are created.

Sebaceous glands are particularly active during puberty, pregnancy and before menstruation. Large pores also appear in old age. The elasticity of mature skin is reduced and large pores become visible.

large pores - care

How do I hide large pores?

Blemishes and large pores do not disappear from one day to the next. Big Pores often arise in places where a lot of skin fat is produced, i.e. in the forehead, nose and chin area.

A complexion-enhancing cream offers a remedy here. It is applied in the morning like a normal day care and so large pores are not emphasized but concealed.

An optical retouching device also offers an instantly refining effect against large pores. This can be used anywhere where there are large pores and skin imperfections and leaves a natural and velvety feeling on the skin.


Refining large pores - tips:

  • steam bath
    If the skin sebum in the pores oxidizes with the air, it becomes visible as blackheads. Hot pores of steam open up your pores and the sebum can drain off. You should treat yourself to this treatment regularly, e.g. in a spa. Because the blockage with dirt, sebum and dead skin cells makes pores larger. If you want to do a steam bath for your face at home, you can then carefully try to unclog your pores. But never squeeze!

  • Peeling
    Regular peels are essential to refine large pores. It is best if you do not use mechanical peeling with sand, seeds or beads, but instead exfoliate with fruit acid (AHA). The fruit acid affects the deeper layers of the skin. It not only stimulates cell regeneration, but also the moisture retention of the skin and therefore has a rejuvenating effect. For daily use there is facial tonic with fruit acid, but in a lower dosage.


Large pore care

  • Salicylic acid
    After cleansing the skin, a facial tonic with salicylic acid is recommended. It loosens calluses and degreases the pores, causing them to contract. Compared to fruit acid, it stops working for a few minutes and is therefore a perfect start for day care.

Which cream helps with large pores?

Medicorp's caviar face cream is a care product for many skin types that strengthens, harmonizes and protects your skin from dryness. she is a rich Day care, which can also be used as night care. You regulates their fat and moisture processes and contains real caviar extract, which of the most valuable & most expensive raw material in cosmetics. She is also great for large-pored skin to be recommended, as the caviar cream minimizes pores.

The caviar cream is made by itself in cosmetic studios, pharmacies and medical practices for Treatment deeper Expression lines are used and is called exclusive high quality face cream famous.

Here is our high quality Caviar cream from Medicorp:

Large pore care

And here you will also find the Medicorp caviar body cream.