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Is activated carbon really such a miracle cure?

Is activated carbon really such a miracle cure?

What exactly is activated carbon?

Black, highly porous, fine-grained - that's activated carbon. Most of it contains carbon. Activated carbon - also called medical or activated carbon - is a specially manufactured coal full of tiny pores and channels. Their structure is more like a sponge. As a result, it has an enormous surface. A few grams of activated carbon already have the area of ​​a soccer field of 5000 square meters. A single gram covers the area of ​​1300 square meters.

Activated carbon mask

Activated carbon as an ingredient in cosmetics

The substance is often used in cosmetic products because of its adsorbing properties. It is able to bind dirt, bacteria and sebum deposits to itself. Say: The skin is cleaned intensively. Activated carbon in the form of microparticles is used in toothpastes. Here it can help to reduce discoloration.

Activated carbon ensures bright white teeth

At first it sounds contradictory that pitch-black activated carbon should actually be able to whiten teeth. But it should really be right: The fine microparticles of coal should rub off tooth stains in toothpaste and be much less harmful and softer than conventional and synthetic whitening products.

 activated carbon

Activated carbon for daily skin care?

Activated carbon is also increasingly found in products for daily personal care. So there are soaps and shower baths with the black ingredient to buy. They are particularly suitable for people who have oily or combination skin quickly. This is because the activated carbon removes the impurities that clog the pores. It is also able to clean greasy scalp in shampoo - not only in the short term, but also in the long term.

Activated carbon mask against pimples

Due to the absorbent properties of activated carbon, the skin can be cleaned particularly deeply. Bacteria, toxins, environmental pollution, dirt and nasty sebum deposits, which can lead to impurities and irritated skin, are attracted by a magnet and can be removed from the skin surface.

Activated carbon mask against pimples

Our most popular Medicorp activated carbon mask

The specially developed Medicorp activated carbon face mask for BTreatment of oily, shiny and impure skin Not only does the skin cleanse deep into the pores, it also supplies it with the necessary moisture. The skin is smoothed, shines again and looks soft and cared for.

The activated carbon mask is included purely herbal ingredients soaked, which can penetrate the skin optimally by warming to body temperature. It is a Removable activated carbon mask.

Here is our popular one Activated carbon mask from Medicorp:
Activated carbon mask against pimples