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Is Argan Oil Cosmetics Really That Good?

Is Argan Oil Cosmetics Really That Good?

What is Argan oil at all?

Argan oil is a rare, gold shimmering oil. It comes from the Southwest Morocco, from the so-called Arganeraie. The valuable oil is therefore rare because the argan tree required for it only grows and thrives in this small area in Morocco.

Argan oil cosmetics Medicorp

General benefits of argan oil for the skin

Argan oil not only acts as an anti-aging care product to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from spreading prematurely, it also has a balancing effect on oily, overly dry or combination skin. The valuable oil helps with blackheads, stores moisture and even has a regenerative effect, for example after sunburn or minor injuries. Argan oil also seems to help effectively or to fade them with pimple marks, pigment spots and birthmarks.

Argan oil has a positive effect on impure skin

The use of argan oil on impure skin is said to

  • Regulate sebum production
  • have an anti-inflammatory effect
  • have an antimicrobial effect
  • disinfect
  • stimulate blood circulation
  • have a healing effect (for scars & pimple marks)

Argan oil as an anti-wrinkle agent?

Argan oil is the perfect anti-aging agent, even for deep wrinkles. The ingredients of argan oil store moisture and help dry and sensitive skin to restore elasticity and freshness. The oil is also very good, suitable for the well-known frown lines and crow's feet. Here too, experience confirms the anti-aging effect of argan oil. As a daily protective barrier between our skin and external influences, argan oil significantly delays skin aging.

Argan oil for eye wrinkles and bags under the eyes

The argan oil penetrates deep into the skin and provides it with maximum moisture. The blood circulation and cell regeneration are stimulated by the oil and experience has shown that it reduces wrinkles under the eyes, bags under the eyes and even dark circles. With regular use of argan oil, dark circles can be softened and the appearance significantly refreshed.

Argan oil for wrinkles

Our argan oil products for fresh and radiant skin

In our product category "Argan oil"You will find our best anti-aging argan oil products, which have already helped many dry, sensitive and even special skin types. The special thing about Medicorp's argan oil products is that they have plenty of them Argan oil and Vitamin E contain. The exact ingredients are stored under each product so that you have a precise overview.

We recommend our best-selling, Eye cream with argan oil for dark circles, wrinkles and bags under the eyes. This contains almost no preservatives and is very well tolerated by allergy sufferers or sensitive skin types. We also offer Foot care with argan oil, Hand care with argan oil and a pure argan oil body oil

Here is our most popular Argan oil Medicorp eye cream:

and here you can find more Medicorp argan oil products: