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More about the most expensive ingredient in cosmetics "caviar"

More about the most expensive ingredient in cosmetics "caviar"

What is caviar anyway?

Caviar is the treated roe of fish. It can theoretically come from any female fish whose eggs are not poisonous. Such as that of the puffer fugu. The real caviar or Russian caviar, however, comes from female sturgeons from the Black, Azov or Caspian Sea. It is the best caviar and also as black gold designated. The rare fish eggs are also a miracle cure for young skin in the cosmetics industry.

Valuable ingredients of the caviar

The positive effect of caviar was discovered over 30 years ago. Caviar owes its special reputation above all to the amino acids and trace elements it contains. Amino acids are the body's own substances and strongly involved in cell regeneration and collagen formation. Tight and elastic skin is promoted through the use of trace elements, which regulate the water balance and strengthen the connective tissue. Caviar also supports the proliferation of probiotic bacteria. In this way, blemishes can be prevented and the immune protection of the skin strengthened.

Use of caviar

Creams that contain caviar are essential for Anti-aging purposes used and are intended for demanding and mature skin. The phospholipids contained in the Lastingly supported skin structure. Caviar is not included in its original form. The extracts in the finished cosmetic products come from fisheries and were processed in such a way that you don't have to be afraid of a fishy scent.

Exclusive caviar cosmetics from Medicorp

Luxury care with caviar is extremely popular. And not without reason, because they are high-quality cosmetic products. The skin needs one, especially in the colder seasons richer carethat she maintains healthy and beautiful despite the heating air and cold. The tried and tested Cosmetic brand "Medicorp" has the Advantages of the caviar made use of and developed a suitable care line.

The innovative anti-aging products moisturize and support the skin's own repair system. In addition to the caviar complex, natural cell metabolism is stimulated by bio-peptides. The Caviar body cream is therefore perfect for everyone who wants to maintain their body at a high level. There is also a suitable one Caviar day and night care for the face. The use of the products is recommended for women as well as for men and guarantees moments of wellbeing for your skin.