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Care tips for a tight cleavage

Care tips for a tight cleavage

Why is it important to take care of the cleavage?

The skin of the neck and décolleté is more delicate, thin and sensitive than that of the rest of the body. Subcutaneous fat and sebaceous glands are hardly present, the skin tends to dryness and wrinkle formation. For this reason, especially the cleavage is more in need of protection and care, especially from external influences. The neck is in motion all day long, due to constant head movements the skin loses its elasticity more quickly. The cleavage is also used by some at night. Side sleepers often have the typical cleavage folds. They are created by squeezing the skin while sleeping.

How do I protect the cleavage in everyday life?

The parts of the neck and décolleté are part of the body's sun-exposed areas, which means that they are often exposed to the sun. For this reason, the cleavage is also called the sun terrace. UV rays are one of the most important factors when it comes to skin aging. We find the sun's rays pleasant and also want to have a tanned complexion, but light aging intensifies normal skin aging many times over. Care creams for the cleavage should therefore be UV-protected to prevent premature skin aging. In addition, creams with a sun protection factor prevent the development of unsightly pigment spots.


Cleavage care

What should the daily cleavage look like?

The face is often the focus of daily care, but neck and décolleté should also be included. In this area, however, the skin has different requirements than the facial skin. It needs richer creams that provide both fat and moisture. In addition, regenerating, firming and strengthening active ingredients should be included in the care. For this reason, products that have been specially developed for the delicate skin of the neck and décolleté are best suited, and the right technique when applying cream can also have a supporting effect. If you apply the care product from the bottom up, you support the skin in the fight against gravity. To stimulate the blood circulation, the cream can also be gently massaged or patted.


Cleavage care

Sport for a nice cleavage?

Especially for an attractive cleavage, a lot more can and should be done than just creaming it up. It starts with a well-fitting bra. It helps to make the cleavage look good and also relieves the tissue of the cleavage. Sport can also play a large part, so that the cleavage stays taut for a long time. Regular training of the chest muscles is crucial here and acts like a push-up. Alternating showers have several positive properties. They tighten the connective tissue, stimulate the blood circulation and thus ensure a rosy, fresh complexion.

Cleavage patches for a tight cleavage

The Medicorp Decollete Patches are anatomically shaped anti-wrinkle pads that are an intensive cosmetic special treatment against wrinkles and premature skin aging are. Due to their anatomical shape, they are ideal for targeted Treatment of different problem areas. The décolleté patch tightens the skin and has a firm hold on the décolleté. The patch also repairs sensitive skin and is very flexible. A visible effect can be seen after the first application.

Anti-wrinkle pads are included for cosmetic use purely herbal ingredients soaked, which can penetrate the skin optimally by warming to body temperature.

Here are our coveted ones Medicorp cleavage patches: