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So important is a cream as a foundation for makeup

So important is a cream as a foundation for makeup

What is a moisturizer as the basis for makeup?

Moisturizers help your body to hold water inside your skin and not let it dry out. A moisturizer suitable for your skin type will help your facial skin to strengthen its natural moisturizing substances. No matter what skin type your facial skin belongs to, the right moisturizer will help her to be perfectly prepared for makeup. Depending on the type of skin your skin corresponds to, you will find different ingredients and compositions in moisturizing creams.

Should I include moisturizer in my daily makeup routine?

Make-up can have a significant impact on the health of your skin. Many conventional foundations contain ingredients that can dry out your skin or trigger allergic reactions. For example, they contain perfumes and silicones.

Can I use a cream to protect the skin from the makeup?

A very often used, artificial fragrance is the so-called polycyclic musk compounds. This is deposited in your fatty tissue. If you are a susceptible person, this fragrance can cause changes in your hormones in the long run. 

Silicones, on the other hand, are mixed in many foundations to make them spreadable and to give you a pleasant feeling on the skin for a short time. Your facial skin, on the other hand, will not thank you for silicones in your make-up, because it does not draw anything from this ingredient. In some cases, the complexion of the skin is even worsened by silicones. Apart from the fact that this substance is bad for your skin, it also damages the environment.

A face cream suitable for your skin type helps your skin absorb all the necessary nutrients, retain moisture and perfectly prepare your complexion for the further steps of your make-up routine.

Cream as a foundation for make-up

When do I not need a moisturizer before applying my make up?

Each make-up has a different composition of the ingredients. Some foundations are already mixed with moisturizing substances. So look at the back of the pack or the list of contents of your make-up.

If there are already substances here that moisturize your facial skin, you can skip an additional moisturizer.

The perfect care routine before makeup

Here you get an overview of how you can best carry out your skin care routine in connection with make-up:

Cream as a foundation for make-up

Step 1:

Cleanse your skin carefully to remove dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria that have accumulated overnight.

Step 2:

Apply a moisturizer that suits your skin type. Don't forget to pay attention to the skin around your eyes as well.

Step 3:

In addition, apply UV protection to protect your skin. You can also use a day cream or make-up, which has already been added sunscreen.

Step 4:

Now wait at least five minutes. So you give your face cream and possibly your UV protection enough time to move into your facial skin and thus provide the perfect basis for your make-up.

Step 5:

Now use the make-up of your choice. It is best to apply this with a clean foundation sponge, a clean make-up brush or your fingers. If you choose the last option, please always remember to wash your hands thoroughly beforehand. This way you avoid transferring dirt and bacteria from your fingers to your face.

Cream as a foundation for make-up

What is the best cream to use before makeup?

We recommend the before the make-up Super Cream Rouge by Medicorp. It is a care for many skin types. she is a very rich Day and night care for mature skin. She cares dry, sensitive and normal skin. The cream is particularly suitable as a make-up base because it builds up UV protection and it blends harmoniously with your own skin tone and ensures long-lasting moisture. In addition, the smallest wrinkles are reduced, so the make-up looks smoother and more even afterwards.

Cream as a foundation for make-up

And here you will find other high-quality day and night care creams from Medicorp: