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This way, dry skin becomes velvety soft again!

This way, dry skin becomes velvety soft again!

What are symptoms of dry skin?

Dry skin often looks tired and pale, it tightens and itches slightly and has some rough or red spots. On the face, the symptoms first appear on the cheeks. The skin under the eyes also shows clearly through dark edges if it is too dry. Symptoms are also common on the knees, elbows and hands. Dry skin is very thin, so it cannot properly store fat and moisture. Due to the thinner skin, people with dry skin are often more sensitive and susceptible to stimuli and touch.

What are possible causes of dry skin?

For the most part, the skin type is a question of predisposition. Nevertheless, there are causes and habits that make the skin even drier: if you drink too little, you dry out your whole body and of course your skin. Therefore, you should always drink enough liquid. Psychological factors such as stress can also damage skin health.

External factors such as sun and heat, but also cold, dry out the skin. Water can also dry out the skin, which is why it often tightens after showering. In addition, irritants such as detergents or ingredients in a body lotion can cause dry skin.

Anti-aging care for dry skin

Care tips for dry skin

  • Use oil: If you like bathing for a long time, you should use a nourishing bath additive. It is best to use a bath oil that prevents too much moisture from being drawn from the body.
  • Creams, creams, creams: Dry skin is not only uncomfortable, it also tends to become flaky and rough, and wrinkles go very quickly. That's why you should apply lotion well in the morning and evening, just like after every shower.
  • Change detergent: Not only creams contain additives that irritate the skin, the wrong detergent can also be bad for the skin. Therefore: If the skin under your clothes is itchy and reddened, use a hypoallergenic detergent.


    Anti-aging care for dry skin

What should you avoid with dry skin?

  • Bathe too long: Hot water dries out the skin extremely. Long baths should be avoided.
  • Forget about moisturizing: Nothing is worse for the skin than applying the make-up without prior care or not applying cream to the skin before putting it on. Due to the friction of the fabric, the skin becomes even more irritated and itchy and quickly becomes rough.
  • Impatience: Rich fat creams in particular take some time to move in. Therefore, you should wait with both the make-up and the clothes until the cream has bonded to the skin.
  • Heat: Direct sunlight dries out the skin extremely. Especially when you go to the lake for a swim, you should be careful and always apply lotion so that the skin does not become too dry. Sunbathing too intensely damages the skin.

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