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Day and night care - do you really need both?

Day and night care - do you really need both?

Why do you need two different creams?

Day care and night care have different tasks that are related to the biorhythm of the skin. Day care should include UV protection. It should also protect the skin from environmental influences and be a good make-up base. Day care products contain antioxidants that protect the skin from free radicals.

What does day care do?

The day cream protects against harmful environmental influences and cares for your skin according to your current skin needs. During intensive outdoor activities, a UV serum optimizes protection and can be combined individually. This cream form is popular when outdoor activities are part of the daily program.

Day and night care

What makes sleep so important for our skin?

During sleep, the body produces growth hormones, which ensure that new, healthy skin cells are formed. At the same time, lack of sleep leads to the release of stress hormones, which hinder many regeneration processes in the body. With this double effect, sleep is a real well for our skin. We have to sleep enough so that the skin can renew itself. But how can we best support regeneration?

A night care for support?

The nightly care upgrade. The big difference from Night cream - Day cream: The night cream supports the regeneration processes that take place at night. The skin repairs damage that occurred during the day. Night care supplies the skin with nourishing substances. This cream form particularly loves very dry, tender skin and benefits from the rich cosmetic texture overnight.

Day and night care

Which active ingredients should night care contain?

What must a night cream necessarily contain? What is essential for the skin during the day! Vitamins and antioxidants that protect against free radicals. The best known antioxidant is vitamin C. But there are many other antioxidants. Vitamin E also helps our skin at night. Antioxidants often have a synergistic effect. That said, it is better to use more than one.

Our Medicorp day and night care products:

In our product category " Day care & night care "we have a range of care products for you with high-quality ingredients for all skin types.

Our best-selling Special antifaltic from Medicorp is not just a care for many skin types that strengthens, harmonizes and protects your skin from dryness. she is a rich Day care, which also as night care can be used. This anti aging cream regulates their fat and moisture processes and contains viel Q10 and vitamin E.. She is also great for dry skin recommended because the Q10 cream is a very fatty cream.

We recommend our for large-pored skin Medicorp Caviar face cream. The cream contains real caviar extract, which of the most valuable & most expensive raw material in cosmetics. The caviar cream effectively minimizes pores.

Here is our popular one Special anti-wrinkle from Medicorp:

Day and night care

And here you can find more effective ones Medicorp day and night care products: