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Tips & tricks for pigment spots

Tips & tricks for pigment spots

What are Pigmentation at all?

The dark areas of the skin develop when special cells in the skin release the skin pigment melanin. Pigmentation are usually harmless. However, many people find them unsightly and cosmetically annoying. Pigment spots occur mainly in the visible area of ​​the face, hands, shoulders and décolleté. 


Triggers pigment spots on the skin

The trigger is the sun, often in conjunction with hormones such as the birth control pill. The discoloration is caused by excess melanin. The skin is more colored than normal, there is a so-called Hyperpigmentation .

Difference between pigment spots and age spots?

While you get freckles (pigment spots) in childhood, age spots only appear later in life. There is a local accumulation of the pigment "Lipofuszin", also called age pigment. At a young age, the lipofuscin is completely broken down by the body and therefore does not attract attention. At some point, the organism can no longer completely remove the visible deposits from the skin and it shows up as an unsightly spot.

With increasing age from 40, the number of melanocytes also decreases. The remaining ones, however, enlarge and are unevenly distributed. This is why tanning is no longer so evenly developed with age.

Are pigment spots dangerous?

As harmless as pigment disorders are as a rule, a dangerous skin cancer is sometimes hidden behind the skin symptoms. You should therefore have your skin checked by your dermatologist every two years. But also keep an eye on your skin between appointments.

Pigment spots cream

Treatment for pigment spots

Laser: Laser treatment is an effective method. The pigment accumulations are destroyed by the light energy and then disposed of by the immune cells.

Cold: With cold therapy (cryopeeling), the surface of the epidermis is iced up with liquid nitrogen so that it dies.

Grinding: The pigment spots can also be ground off with a scalpel.

Peeling: Pigment stains can also be removed by peeling with acids. But this is not a gentle method either. The acids used must penetrate the skin relatively deep in order to be effective.


    Which cosmetics for pigment spots?

    There are various (home) remedies that should help remove pigment spots on your own.

    • Lemon: The acidity of the lemon can have a brightening effect because it exfoliates. But because it only penetrates into the upper layers of the skin, the effect will very likely be minimal.

    • Blood orange: According to a study by the University of Catania, blood orange extract can reduce pigment disorders by making the skin more resistant to sun exposure.

    • Papaya: The fruit contains the active ingredient papain, which is supposed to help the body break down metabolic products faster. This should gradually make skin spots disappear. However, papain can cause allergies because it removes the skin's barrier function.

    • Vitamin A: The vitamin, also known as retinol, is said to slow down skin aging and also influence the formation of pigment spots.

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