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What helps with hair loss?

What helps with hair loss?

How do you recognize hair loss?

We lose up to 100 hairs every day in a completely natural way. Each hair stops growing at a certain time, falls out and then a new one grows back. If you lose more than 100 hairs per day for a longer period of time, this is called hair loss. It is important for every successful treatment to treat the hair loss early with an effective remedy and to carry out the treatment consistently and regularly.


What types of hair loss are there?

For the right treatment, it is important to first determine the type of hair loss and then to find out the causes. We differentiate between the following different types:

  • Hereditary hair loss (androgenetic alopecia)

    Affects about two thirds of men and almost every second woman and is the most common form of hair loss at 95%. Classic symptoms in men are receding hairline, thin hair on the top of the head and baldness on the forehead and back of the head or a hair ring. In women, on the other hand, the hereditary hair loss is manifested by leaky hair in the crown area.

  • Circular hair loss (alopecia areata)

    Circular hair loss is shown by bald spots on the head that appear to be punched out.

  • Chronic or acute diffuse hair loss (telogenic effluvium)

    Diffuse hair loss can be recognized by the fact that the hair goes out all over the head.

    Hair loss

The right hair care for hair loss

Which hair care is important for hair loss? What can you consider in your care routine to avoid hair loss? We have put together the most important tips for you:

  • Shampooing
    It is best not to wash your hair too hot and not every day, as it will make it brittle and lose its shine and elasticity. In addition, you should Use gentle shampoos that don't dry out the hair too much.

  • Scalp massages
    A regular scalp massage with one growth-promoting serum improves blood circulation, has a stimulating effect and optimally supplies the hair roots with nutrients. Like hair products and hair treatments that stimulate blood circulation, this can improve the hair in the growth phase.

  • Hairstyling
    After washing, the hair is very sensitive when wet and damp. Therefore, it makes sense to use a conditioner to improve combability and then carefully untangle and comb the hair with a comb. In the best case, you can let the hair air dry so as not to damage it unnecessarily by heat. Too strict hairstyles can also lead to hair loss in some places in women. Open hair or loose hairstyles protect your hair!

    Hair loss

Can a serum reduce hair loss?

Our Anagen-Max hair serum is highly effective at Hair loss and thinning hair.

The hair serum is an ideal complement to Anagen-Max hair tincture. It cares for the hair highly concentrated and valuable nutrients and noticeably improves the consistency of the hair, the hair renewal for fuller, thicker and faster growing hair.

According to a clinical study, treatment with the active substance serum / tincture has significantly reduced hair loss to the normal biological level!

  • after 8 weeks of use by 71%
  • after 16 weeks of use by 113%

With regular use of the ANAGEN-MAX active ingredient serums / Tincture significantly reduces the hair loss rate and, in return, the number of hairs in the growth phase is significantly increased. this leads to fuller, thicker and faster growing hair.

Hair loss
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