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What is couperose and what helps against it?

What is couperose and what helps against it?

What is couperose?

A couperose begins with slight redness on the face. The small, red veins are constantly expanding, the blood builds up in them and they are clearly visible as a vascular network under the skin. This occurs in the cheek and nose area. The veins can be bluish or reddish in color. Depending on the type of couperose, both forms can occur. They can express themselves individually as well as braid-like. The form of the couperose can also be finer or more pronounced.


Couperose cream

What acutely helps against couperose?

The following aids and home remedies help against couperose

  • Place damp envelopes on the affected areas daily
  • Apply cooling gels with eucalyptus and mint
  • Compresses with black tea, horsetail, arnica and horse chestnut strengthen the connective tissue
  • Store face cream in the refrigerator to maintain the cooling effect
  • Rinse face cool after cleansing

Prevention of couperose

Since the exact causes of a couperose have not yet been fully clarified, it cannot be prevented. However, it is known that extreme temperature fluctuations (such as saunas and unprotected parts of the face in winter), increased sun exposure, alcohol and nicotine consumption and spicy food can strain the sensitive connective tissue in the nose and cheek area and promote and intensify a couperose.

The right skin care for Couperose

Patients with this skin condition should definitely use special care. Perfumed or alcoholic care products should be avoided. A face cream containing mineral oils or silicones is also unsuitable for sensitive skin care. The daily couperose care should primarily consist of moisturizing products. A very fatty cream is also counterproductive, because it lies like a second layer over the skin. As a result, the skin tissue heats up and the vein ridges appear more clearly.




Our special Medicorp Couperose Gel

The Couperose gel from Medicorp is with active phytoalgae. A special gel for red veins and spider veins on the face. It is rich in vitamins, amino acids, polysaccharides, mineral salts, proteins and enzymes. The gel works decongestant, regenerating, nourishing, protective, skin tightening and stimulates blood circulation. ZItron oil gives the product a pleasant, sensual and refreshing fragrance.

On the one hand it cares dry, cracked and rough skin, on the other hand contains the couperose gel Aloe vera  and Allantoin. The use of allantoin accelerates cell regeneration and soothes the skin. The exact ingredients are stored under each product so that you have a precise overview.