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What's in a Q10 cream?

What's in a Q10 cream?

What is Q10 anyway?

Q10 is the most well-known anti-aging agent. It is a natural enzyme against wrinkles. Numerous studies have proven the positive effect of Q10 and shown how important this enzyme is for the body.

Q10 is important for the energy supply to our cells and protects our immune system. It also strengthens the heart and nerves, delays the aging process of the skin and can even increase fat burning.


Q10 as an anti-wrinkle agent

Q10 plays a central role in cell protection and cell function. The coenzyme is essential for the energy supply and metabolism of the body cells. This nourishes the skin Anti-aging ingredient the cells with new energy and helps fight free radicals. This valuable ingredient has a rejuvenating effect and lets the skin glow naturally. In combination with other active ingredients such as Vitamin C, Retinol, or Vitamin E.Q10 forms the basis for effective anti-aging cosmetics.

Q10 cream

Q10 cream already makes sense at the age of 20?

The function of the coenzyme Q10 is essential for our skin. At the age of 20, the skin looks taut, young and healthy. The hook? From the age of 20, the body's own production of Q10 slowly decreases, which is one of the reasons why the skin begins to age and the first wrinkles appear. It is therefore all the more useful to care for the face with the anti-aging active ingredient from the outside and thus support the cells in their renewal process. 

Q10 cream for fresh and radiant skin

Q10 makes the skin more elastic and can reduce the formation of wrinkles. That is why Medicorp has been researching this area since 1986.

In our Q10 Special anti-wrinkle you can find the Q10 enzyme through this particular one Day and night care, become the cells there filled with energy. Medicorp's cream contains viel Q10 and vitamin E.. She is also great for dry skin recommended, as the Q10 cream is a very fatty and rich cream.

For one thing, she cares normal, dry, sensitive and mature skin, on the other hand, it combines harmoniously with your own skin tone and ensures long-lasting moisture. The rich Q10 face cream contains highly concentrated hyaluronic acid  and Acmella oleracea

We also have a high quality one Caviar cream developed, which contain high levels of Q10. This Caviar cream with Q10 regulates their fat and moisture processes and contains real caviar extract, which of the most valuable & most expensive raw material in cosmetics. She is also great for large-pored skin to be recommended, as the caviar cream minimizes pores

Here is ours Special anti-wrinkle:


and here ours Caviar day and night care:
Caviar day care