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What care does mature skin need?

What care does mature skin need?

What exactly is mature skin?

In general, the term "mature skin" was introduced by the cosmetics industry and has no connection to dermatology. This term describes care products that have been developed for the target group over 40. The actual aging process begins much earlier - namely with an average of 25 years. While young skin only needs around 28 days to form new skin cells, it can take twice as much time for mature skin. Almost all processes are delayed from this age limit, which inevitably has visible consequences. At some point, signs of aging can no longer be hidden. This is especially so because the skin's elasticity decreases.

How do I recognize mature skin?

  • The skin no longer appears plump, but flabby and not as voluminous
  • Moisture is more difficult to hold inside - more care is needed to avoid dry skin
  • Wrinkles increase - first on the eyes, then on the forehead and mouth
  • Mature skin is rather dry and flaky
  • Age spots appear and become increasingly darker and more visible
  • Itching, redness and blemishes can become a problem
Care for mature skin

How do I properly care for mature skin?

As with all skin types, it is important that mature skin is given the perfect care. Since the protective layer is disturbed, moisture plays a very important role. The skin can hardly get enough of this. But a cream for dry skin is not enough. It is important that the care products are as rich as possible. The face cream sometimes consists of various ingredients that ensure skin regeneration. Urea and glycerin are important substances when it comes to providing the skin with sufficient moisture. With vitamin A, the collagen formation can be boosted again, which also has a positive effect on cell growth.

What can damage mature skin?

Environmental toxins, stress and UV light - these hostile influences must be kept away from the skin. This is supported by care that works with antioxidants. You should also pay attention to the coenzyme Q40 from the age of 10. It is said that it can significantly reduce visible wrinkles and thus give the skin a more youthful appearance. In order to come back to moisture and care again, even high-quality oils should not go unmentioned. Mostly, beauty products with mild oils can offer a significant improvement in the skin structure and ideally pamper them.


Care for mature skin

Moisturizing masks for mature skin

Skin over 50 can no longer store moisture as well. It is therefore dependent on external moisture supply. Therefore, you should regularly use high quality and moisturizing masks. You can also treat yourself to a wellness day every now and then. Your skin will be pampered professionally and extensively with masks, peelings and care products that are perfectly tailored to your skin needs.