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How peels improve the complexion

How peels improve the complexion

Why the skin should be exfoliated regularly

The skin renews itself constantly and rejects dead cells. These then remain on the surface of the skin. This makes the complexion look pale and flaky. Peels support the skin by removing dirt, deposits and dead skin from the skin. Peels prevent increased cornification and prevent impurities.

Medicorp peeling

Smooth skin through peels

The regeneration of cells is stimulated on the skin. The peeled skin becomes clearer, smoother, softer and fresher. By exfoliating, the skin can better absorb active ingredients and store moisture better. On this basis, subsequent care treatments also work better.

Positive effects of peels

The use of scrubs ..

    • promotes blood circulation to the skin
    • revitalizes the skin
    • promotes cell renewal
    • promotes a healthy complexion
    • regenerates and firms the skin

    How is a peeling used?

    First, the skin should be cleaned as usual. Then the peeling preparation is applied to the face and massaged into the skin with circular movements. Eye and lip area should be avoided. Then wash off with plenty of water and then apply suitable care.




    How often should you exfoliate the skin?

    The skin needs about four weeks to renew itself. Daily peels would destroy the skin's natural protective layer and lead to skin irritation. Normal skin types can exfoliate one to three times a week.

    Our peeling products for fresh and radiant skin

    Our high quality Peeling cream by Medicorp is particularly suitable for dry cracked and wrinkled skin. The almond oil works smoothing, healing, moisturizing and ensures a soft skin feeling. The natural jojoba pearls as a peel body gently remove excess skin in a natural way. The ivy extract in the face peel has an antibacterial effect, purifying and tightening the skin. The peeling is through his moisturizing effect used for first-class and high-quality cosmetics. In addition, the peeling even contains the valuable one active substance "Acmella oleracea". The natural active ingredient, the tropical plant Acmella Oleracea, makes facial features appear softer and more harmonious even reduces deep wrinkles. The exact ingredients are stored under each product so that you have a precise overview.