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How do I apply an anti-aging cream correctly?

How do I apply an anti-aging cream correctly?

How important is the correct application of a cream?

It doesn't take practice to apply a cream? Not correct. Care products only develop their full effect with the right application technology. In the worst case, the wrong technique can even damage the skin and remove moisture. For example, if you work with too much pressure, in the long run you risk exactly the lines and wrinkles that you originally wanted to fight.

Therefore, it is important to handle the skin carefully and not to rub the cream on the face, but to pat it in gently. By the way, special caution applies to the eye area. There the skin is very thin and sensitive.

When should you apply the cream?

Apply your cream immediately after cleansing your face and don't wait longer than five minutes. Otherwise the absorption capacity of the pores is reduced and the face cream cannot develop its full effect.

Apply anti-aging cream correctly

Apply the right amount of cream

Pay attention to the right amount of facial care. Apply about a hazelnut-sized portion of the cream. Start at the chin and then massage the care gently from the middle of the face outwards - always gently stroking upwards. This promotes blood circulation to the face and gently massages the cream at the same time.

Rather apply some cream afterwards than use too much. Excess cream does not absorb and can clog pores, which promotes impurities. Remove excess face cream with a facial tissue.

Apply anti-aging cream correctly

Apply the cream to the eyes correctly

Apply the cream both under the eyes and on the eyelid. Gently pat the eye cream with your ring finger. At the same time, you can massage your eyes lightly to stimulate blood circulation and make dark circles disappear.

Tip: Always use your ring finger to apply and tap in the eye cream. It has the least muscle and is therefore less powerful - ideal for facial care.


Apply anti-aging cream correctly

Apply cream to the neck

Once you've applied your face, don't forget the area between your neck and décolleté and dedicate a little massage to it. With this technique, the anti-aging cream not only ideally penetrates the skin, the firm hand movements stimulate it at the same time and have a firming effect!

Before the day and night cream, use an anti-wrinkle serum that is worked into the skin using the same method. Ideally, the serum also fights the signs of aging. Try it out and give your skin a little break!