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The optimal effect of an anti aging cream from Medicorp


A Medicorp Anti aging cream should perfectly hydrate your skin, i.e. supply it with moisture. Because: antiaging care is essentially the same as moisturizing care. If the skin's water reservoirs are constantly full, the skin remains nice and smooth. Remember that your skin will gradually lose moisture over the years. This skin aging process cannot be stopped, but - with the right care products - clearly slow it down. In this way, a lack of moisture, an unhealthy lifestyle and an excess of UV radiation can lead to premature skin aging.

Although you can smooth the face to a certain extent and prevent the formation of new facial wrinkles, wrinkles can usually be reduced by a maximum of 20%. Not all anti wrinkle creams are good for all skin types. 
You can only achieve satisfactory results if the ingredients are of high quality and in sufficient concentration.

When do I need an anti-wrinkle cream?

The anti-aging issue does not only refer to more mature generations. On the contrary: it is worth starting anti-wrinkle care anyway. From what age the use of an anti aging cream from Medicorp is sensible, we tell you here.
anti aging face cream from 25

from 25

Good skin care is often enough for skin over 25. However, the cream should not be too rich, because young skin is still prone to impurities several times. Areas of the face that tend to wrinkle separately (e.g. the corners of the eyes and mouth) can also be cared for with a light anti-aging cream or anti-aging serum if necessary.

wrinkle cream from 30

from 30

In many people, the first wrinkles become visible from the age of 30, primarily the so-called expression lines. The elasticity of the skin has long since decreased, and yet cell activity is slowing down. The skin currently needs something that needs more moisture, so an anti-aging cream is certainly reasonable. Apart from that, the amount of fat the wrinkle cream should contain depends on the unique skin type (dry skin: more fat, oily skin: little or no fat).

best anti wrinkle cream from 40

from 40

At 40, the skin is much drier than in previous years. The face is modifying and wrinkles are now more prominent. An anti aging cream donates a lot of moisture and can effectively reduce wrinkles in this way or in this way. In order to care for the skin even more intensively, the cream can be combined with a serum or concentrate on a daily basis or if necessary.

best wrinkle creams from 50

from 50

At 50, the skin is less able to store water. So it dries out increasingly. On top of that, the adipose tissue regresses, making the skin appear thinner. A rich moisturizer is currently essential, so that the skin is covered with a protective strip that counteracts renewed water loss. Anti-aging creams often reach their limits in skin care from the age of 50. To optimize the complexion and reduce existing wrinkles, an anti-wrinkle cream should be used.

best anti wrinkle cream tip from 60

from 60

Caring for the skin from the age of 60 is extremely demanding. Because: mature skin is not only exceptionally dry, but also sensitive instead. It no longer stores enough water and loses more elasticity at any time. Moreover, cell division is only half as direct as in childhood. Which wrinkle cream really supports? An anti-wrinkle cream with highly concentrated active ingredients is essential. It can be very rich if it fits the skin condition. If necessary, the cream can be combined with a serum, booster or concentrate.

The right anti aging face cream for your skin type

anti aging cream skin types

Your individual skin type should always be decisive when choosing an anti-aging cream. Every skin has alternative needs, primarily related to fat and moisture. So oily skin automatically needs moisture, in spite of all this no additional fat has to be treated with both within dry skin. Sensitive skin is sensitive to additives. Furthermore, it must not dry out, otherwise there is a risk of unpleasant irritation.

In addition, the needs of the skin change with age: The skin dries out, so it now needs even more moisture and, for the most part, more oil. The bottom line is that you should also adapt your skin care routine to the time of year at any given time. In summer, many people find a light anti-aging serum for day care. The use of a night cream is sensible in the cold season, as the skin can regenerate itself excellently overnight. This reduces the risk of dark circles under the eyes in the morning.

anti aging sensitive skin

For sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, the following applies to the selection of your anti-wrinkle care products: the shorter the list of ingredients, the better. Additives such as parabens, silicones and PEGs should not be included, and you still have to do without perfume if your skin responds sensitively to it. The care cream of your choice should also be rich in valuable hydrators. Unless your skin is naturally too oily, use a product with more fats and oils to strengthen the protective barrier of the skin.

anti aging blemished skin

For blemished skin

Impure skin is mostly oily and shiny. When it comes to care, you should therefore prefer a product chain that contains little or no fat. On top of that, make sure that the anti-aging cream is free of comedogenic substances - substances that favor the formation of blackheads. Product chains that are also very drying out are not suitable for the care of impure skin: They also stimulate the production of sebum and thus intensify the skin problem. Recommended ingredients are salicylic acid, panthenol, aloe vera, allantoin, algae and urea.

good anti aging cream mature skin

For mature skin

Care products for mature skin should moisturize the inner layers of the skin, support the natural regeneration process and strengthen the protective acid mantle of the skin. A combination of rich day and night creams is recommended, despite all of this a serum against wrinkles and a booster - for example with the anti-aging active ingredient hyaluronic acid - can be sensible depending on the skin condition.

anti aging men creams

For men

Men's skin is coarser, for example 20% thicker and therefore less sensitive than the skin of women. The protective coat made of fat and moisture is more stable in men than in women - apart from that, men's skin also becomes drier over the years. A serum or gel that moisturizes and preserves is also okay to care for like a moisturizer that contains a little more oils and fats. Likewise, in the course of men, the following applies: all care products must be specially adapted to the appropriate skin type.

Anti aging day or night cream?

anti aging night care

A day cream is supposed to supply the skin with moisture, vitamins and important nutrients all day long. If it is an anti wrinkle day cream, it also contains anti aging ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or glycerin. A good day cream also has a protective function: it forms a wafer-thin strip on the skin, which strengthens the protective barrier and prevents the skin from drying out.

An anti aging night cream is applied in the evening before going to bed. It is more diverse, so it contains more oils and fats. Its components are supposed to support the skin during its nightly recovery and at the same time provide it with moisture. In this way, a night cream can prevent premature skin aging or reduce existing wrinkles.

If your skin is not in need in this way in summer, you can replace your anti-aging cream for the day with a light anti-aging serum. A night cream, on the other hand, is recommended all year round - if mandatory, you can use a slightly lighter product in summer. In winter, the protective barrier of the skin is severely affected, so that the care should now be a bit more fatty.

The serum as a supplement to the cream

serum against wrinkles

An anti wrinkle serum is the excellent addition to the anti aging cream. It has a liquid, extremely light consistency and therefore works just as well for skin care in summer. It can be distributed in an orderly manner, is quickly absorbed and features a high concentration of anti-aging ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, aloe vera and urea. You can still use an anti-aging serum together with a cream - as an example for the care of particularly stressed skin areas, for example in the eye or mouth area. In this context, you should always apply the anti-wrinkle serum initially. In the area around the eyes, it is advisable to gently tap the serum with your fingers, so as not to strain the skin unnecessarily. In addition, you stimulate the blood circulation in the skin in this form, which can have a positive effect on your complexion. As soon as the anti wrinkle serum is completely absorbed, you can apply your usual face cream.

Buy a good anti aging cream

Not every anti-aging product is also okay for your skin. Instead, it is advisable to study the labels exactly at all times and to obtain further knowledge if necessary. You can find out what you should pay attention to when buying an anti-aging cream here.
hyaluron face cream tip

Highly concentrated active ingredients

If an ingredient is not present in a sufficiently high concentration, it has no or no desired effect on the skin. Countless producers of anti-aging creams use advice and tricks such as "with hyaluronic acid" for marketing purposes - unfortunately, in most cases the products contain very little hyaluronic acid, so the effect on the skin does not match the ambitions.

composition of the cream

The right composition

The composition of an anti aging cream is also fundamental. Your skin is known to need more than just anti-aging ingredients. Depending on whether you have more dry, oily, sensitive or impure skin, the product of your choice should continue to contain vegetable oils and fats, salicylic acid or calming agents (chamomile extract, allantoin, panthenol).

wrinkle cream quality

Quality and purity

Good anti-aging creams have high-quality ingredients that are naturally pure, so that they are not contaminated by foreign substances. This is exceptionally fundamental, for example, during the production of a hyaluronic acid cream: Inferior hyaluronic acid is obtained from cockscombs and leads to allergic reactions many times. Biosynthetic laboratory hyaluronic acid, on the other hand, is characterized by a particularly high degree of purity and should therefore be preferred.

against wrinkle effect

Skin reaction

If you try a new-fashioned anti-wrinkle cream, your skin has to get used to the product. This takes a bit of time and patience, because you should use the cream over an acceptable period of time and like four weeks. Only afterwards, if your skin responds allergically or creates additional irritation, should you discontinue the cream prematurely.

The anti aging routine for the skin from 30

In the following we give you some advice for the anti-aging care routine from the age of 30. However, they can be transferred to additional skin types so that you can gain from the data material separated from your age!

Facial skin cleansing

The effective daily cleaning of the facial skin is essential at every age and within every skin type, but nevertheless before the application of an anti-aging cream. Excess sebum, sweat and dirt particles must be removed thoroughly, but carefully, so that the skin can breathe again and the active ingredients of the subsequent care can be absorbed excellently. Which product family is recommended for cleaning depends on the shape of your skin. Strongly drying out product families are nonetheless to be prevented in principle, just as well within oily skin, since otherwise the sebum production will be increased on top of that.

Possible care with a serum

A serum is perfect for the care of all skin types, because it immediately moisturizes and contains no fat. Apply the serum as an example after the facial cleansing - whether you should then also use an (anti wrinkle) cream should depend on your modern skin condition and the season.

Use of the anti aging cream tailored to the skin type

Basically, it is advisable to care for the skin twice a day with an anti-aging cream. As also mentioned in this way, you can replace the cream in the morning in the morning with a serum for wrinkles or combine both product chains together. Use pronounced cream at all times in this way, which is absorbed in a short time - so there should only be a wafer-thin video on the skin.

Optional: anti aging night care

If you have the feeling that your anti aging day cream does not nourish your skin as well as possible overnight, you can alternatively use an anti aging night cream. This contains more oils and fats as well as active ingredients that are supposed to support the skin during its nightly recovery. The application of an anti-aging night cream is recommended from the age of 30 at the latest - if your skin tends to dry out and facial expression lines form, calmly earlier.

Adaptation of care to the complexion

The complexion changes with the Annos: in most cases the oily skin condition becomes a normal skin type, whereas the normal skin type turns into dry skin. In winter, however, the skin basically needs more fat, regardless of the skin type. So you should watch your skin closely and adapt your care routine and nevertheless your face cream if mandatory.

Anti aging cream reviews

You have probably already read test reports on care products such as anti aging creams on the Internet or in magazines. The reports can be particularly informative, but you shouldn't trust them completely. In the tests, the different skin types are just as neglected as the adapted skin condition of the user. In addition, the product chain is mostly only tested over an extremely short period of time. Also keep in mind that in many cases only the care products of well-known brands with high marketing budgets are considered in the tests. Ultimately, you have to try a product beyond that to find out whether you can tolerate it. It can also be helpful to study the most common ingredients and general information about care products in order to find a cream that is fine for you and your skin.
The anti aging cream test winner

The anti aging cream test winner

If a separate test of anti-aging creams finds that the active ingredients are of a high class and are available in sufficient quantities, this will most likely result in a very positive test result. But: If the fat content of the anti-wrinkle cream does not match your skin or contains substances that are not tolerated by your skin, it is not suitable for you!

Do your own cream test

Instead of relying on test reports, you should take your specific anti-aging cream test. Choose a product that suits your skin type and apply it consistently for a period of four weeks. Watch your skin very carefully so that you can weigh up how the face cream works and whether your complexion is renewed. Maybe you will take a before and after picture anyway. If your skin condition has deteriorated within the four weeks, try to find out what was wrong (fat content, predefined ingredients, perfume) and repeat the test with a more coherent product.


The subject of anti-aging care has long been a relatively high priority for young people aged 25 and over. Because: The skin becomes drier at any point over the years and needs a good cream that nourishes it intensively with moisture. An anti aging cream from Medicorp fills the skin's water reservoir. The composition of the anti-wrinkle cream should suit your skin type. Among other things, make sure that the ingredients are high quality and in high concentration.
That's the only way you can Medicorp achieve the optimal anti-aging effect.