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Medicorp anti-aging hyaluronic acid ampoules

Medicorp's hyaluron ampoules are natural hyaluronic moisture booster. They ensure that a lot of moisture is stored in the skin, so it works smoother and more vital. The  contained in the ampoules Hyaluron reduces wrinkles and penetrates even deeper layers of the skin.

The Intense Serum is for normal, dry and sensitive skin and contains highly concentrated hyaluronic acid and Acmella oleracea. The natural active ingredient, the tropical plant Acmella Oleracea, makes facial features appear softer and more harmonious and even reduces deep wrinkles. The ampoules with hyaluronic acid are a good alternative to the Serum Pureas they contain less hyaluronic acid and therefore also best suited for sensitive skin types are.

Hyaluronic ampoules

Optimal anti-aging effect?

You get the optimal anti-aging effect with our hyaluronic acid ampoules when you buy ours Day and night care apply immediately before or after. Depending on skin type and age, we recommend different day and night care.


1. Apply Medicorp Serum Intense Ampoules sparingly twice a day at intervals of 2 hours.

2. One Apply day and night care immediately before or after and massage in gently

Use in cosmetic treatment:

On the first day, immediately after treatment, you should apply the serum several times a day. 

From day two to three, please continue to use the serum in connection with day and night care (recommended: Super Cream Plus or Blue) on. 

From day four until the next follow-up treatment, continue to apply the serum (twice a day) and the day and night cream (recommended: Super Cream Plus or Blue) on.

Resealable ampoules:

Resealable ampoules were used. Since the product is very economical, this has the advantage that an opened and unused ampoule remains fresh until the next application.


Aqua, Alcohol denat., Sodium Hyaluronate, Acmella Oleracea Extract, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol